Wild Women Mastermind

A three month online mastermind program focused on self care, energy management, healing, pleasure, personal mastery and expansion in life AND business.

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Calling All Creators, Healers, Lightworkers & Entrepreneurs

There are so many impact-driven, creators, healers, lightworkers & entrepreneurs building and being of service during this time, and now more than ever, we need to approach our work differently by integrating flexibility, feelings, self-love and flow BACK into our everyday lives.

This mastermind is about UNCOVERING our true essence, EMPOWERING ourselves and INTEGRATING our innate super powers as women in life & business. In our hustle dominated culture, we often (and without knowing) de-prioritize or de-value our natural abilities of empathy, compassion, intuition, ect., in work and business -- when those are the very qualities that make us unique in our ability to create huge impact in the world. This program is about accomplishing our goals and deepest desires while still honouring our energy, spirit and cycles.

The Wild Women Mastermind will put you in a room with other like-minded women with a desire to learn, grow and uplevel together.  Whatever you want to put intention towards growing, we will help you do it, together, step by step! This shared experience will bring us an intimate space to explore how to unlock our limits, understand what fills us up, and integrate pleasure practices that will invite and encourage growth, healing, and powerful expansion. 

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Group Mastermind Sessions

Bi-weekly group sessions, focused on clearly identifying areas for attention & growth, including round table & hotseat discussions to work through that progress and uplevel together

Self Care, Mastery & Integration

Create personal practises and rituals that will increase your energy, confidence, work/life productivity & sense of fulfillment that is rooted in the pillars of (flexibility, feelings & flow)

Guest Expert Training

Learn from guest experts who will guide you through different self-care, energy management & personal/ professional development learning workshops with Live Q&A opportunities

Meet Our Guest Experts

We are honoured to introduce our guest experts who will share their gifts of knowledge and experience with the group to bring you real-life stories and authentic learning. They will offer practical lessons, tips & tricks to apply to your life and business.

Bri Theurer, Medium Healer

Bri will share her story and how to get started on creating self-care rituals. She will cover the power of rituals, meditation and self-discipline to heal yourself and transform your day to day life. 

Learn More about Bri Here

Kelly & Jo, Sex & Relationship Therapists

Kelly and Jo will share their story and how to get started with a self-pleasure practise. Get ready to talk about sex, orgasm and the many benefits of self intimacy & desire

Learn More about Kelly & Jo Here

Mariangelica, Creative Services & Strategy Expert

Mariangelica will share her story and how to get started with thoughtful automation and systems as a form of self care. She will cover the power of communication, having a clear objective to help your community and how to set yourself up for success online.

Learn More about Maria Here

Alison, Intuitive Life Coach & Yogi

Alison will share her story and how to get started with a movement as medicine practice. She will guide us through using our intuition as a compass in life and the importance of listening to what our body, mind and soul needs.

Learn More about Alison Here

Jarani, Cannabis Expert & Advocate

Jarani will share her inspiring story of living with chronic pain, the healing power of cannabis and educate us on the many uses of cannabis as a plant medicine for mental health, pain & pleasure.

Learn More about Jarani Here

Laura, Finance Coach

Laura will share her money story and teach us how to create a healthy and empowered relationship with money. She will cover money mindset, personal budgeting and ways to improve our relationship with money as womxn.

Learn More about Laura Here

"This group of business owners created a powerful space to show up as we are, share the ups and downs of business and I always felt feeling encouraged and like someone else 'got me'. Thank you Lacey for creating this space for us."

Kathryn Hofer
Owner of Modern Planner

"This group was EXACTLY what I needed during a time of intense growth and change. I got to know the women in my group very well, and pretty quickly it became clear that this was more than a group of business owners helping to hold each other accountable - it was a group of friends helping to hold one another, lift one another up, and cheer one another on along this crazy journey. Thank you, Lacey, for creating this group and giving us all the space to get exactly what we needed from it. "

Laura Hart
Finance Coach

"Being in community with strong women in the community with their own businesses and dreams, being able to be vulnerable and open with them about everything I was going through, and then on top of that get their support in my new ventures was a gift I am so grateful to have received. The investment in this community was crucial and I can't wait for round two. "

Mariangelica Forero
Owner of Honest Hustle

"This group experience is a breath of fresh air. It’s so amazing to be able to connect with other fierce women entrepreneurs on a weekly basis! The most important thing I gained from this experience was the truth that I’m not alone - what a good feeling!"

Julia Appleton

"The weekly check ins and biweekly video calls were much more powerful than just talking about how we had taken steps to our goals. This was an opportunity for us all to be real with people who could relate, get advice from other professionals, vent to each other, support each other, lift each other up, point out wins that we may not have identified ourselves, help to promote each other, etc etc etc. I truly looked forward to connecting with the group each week. Every call we had, I left feeling lighter, inspired and motivated."

Leeanne Rueber
Owner of Sekond Skins Studio

Pricing Options

This 3 month program offers two payment methods - pay monthly or all upfront (whatever feels best for you)

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Bi-weekly Group Sessions

Bi-weekly Guest Expert Lesson + Q&A

Slack & Instagram Group Chat

24 hour Email Support

Apply Now - 12 Spots Available

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is made for women. That means all women identifying individuals. This is a safe and welcoming space for all BIPOC, WOC, LGBTQIA. We will be bringing in guest experts to offer a range of diverse perspectives and modalities for healing & connection.

If you have any questions for us about if this program is right for you please reach out to lacey@makerscolearning.com.

This is a safe and welcoming space to explore ourselves and to embrace one another in sisterhood.

The program is 3 months long starting May 26th, 2020

Group Sessions & Guest Expert sessions will alternate weekly throughout the program duration of 3 months. We will use Zoom video conferencing for all online sessions.

Group sessions will take place Monday evenings, where guest expert sessions may vary depending on the expert's schedule that week.

No, if you have an area of your life (personal or professional) that you can focus into for three months with the intention to grow and expand, using the methods of rituals, ceremonies and group based learning development - then you should apply.

This program is great for creatives, makers, healers, lightworkers, community builders & entrepreneurs

Program Starts on May 25th, 2020









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