Learn How Kelly Built a Million Dollar Business On Instagram

Building a strong brand is a key component for building a growing and thriving business. Navigating the ins and outs of creating a strong brand and showing up on social media in the right ways can be tricky. Kelly is excited to lift the hood and show you how she increased her influence, income and impact using Instagram as a platform for creating a growing community of likeminded people and marketing her products along the way (with NO AD SPEND).

Finding Your Brand Voice

Levelling up on Instagram starts with solidifying who you are and how you show up for your customers.

Skills, Tools & Systems to use Instagram to its Fullest

Build the foundation you need to unlock new growth. 

Using Instagram to Build Relationships

Re-frame Instagram as a pathway to build great relationships with your customers.

Level Up Your Next Launch

Tactics to boost your next launch, while continuing to grow your customer relationships. 

What Is The Course Experience?

  • Through a series of recorded lessons from Kelly Broocks, you'll learn the Pretty by Her story and how Kelly worked through challenges, increased her confidence online and nurtured relationships to grow her thriving brand and business.

  • You'll access video lessons for each of the 4 course modules, and through Kelly's story, you'll learn the mindsets, systems, tools & skills that have empowered Kelly to thrive, even in times of change and uncertainty. 

  • This is an online, self-directed learning experience, so you can work through it at your own pace. You'll be provided with a Course Workbook, complete with templates, prompts & instructions to help you apply the course ideas to take your business to the next level on Instagram. 

  • You'll have the opportunity to participate in the two Course Contests, which happen quarterly and are exclusively open to course participants. All course participants who complete a Contest will be entered into a draw to win cash prizes to support growing your business!

**Community Learning & Group Coaching - Optional Add-On

  • Join an inspiring online community of like-minded entrepreneurs using the course to grow their brand & business on Instagram (moderated by The Maker's Collective) AND attend a live, 2-hour Open Group Coaching Session with Kelly to get all your curiosities and questions answered (the community is now closed to new members until the end of August).
  • Following the first 30 days, monthly access will open up on a subscription basis and will exclusively be available to people who have taken the course. 

The Course Is Officially Available!

The finishing touches are done, and now it's time to purchase and binge your copy of
Kelly Broocks' Level Up: Build Your Brand On Instagram.


Online Course & Workbook

$125 + HST

  • Video Lessons - access 6 total video lessons across the 4 modules in the course (12 - 15 minutes / video). Learn the Pretty by Her story as Kelly unpacks how she has been able to grow her flourishing business on Instagram. 
  • Course Workbook - take action to grow your brand and business by applying the course learnings with the guidance of the BYBOI Course Workbook. Use the prompts, templates & examples to help you apply Kelly's key ideas, principles & systems to grow your brand and business.
  • Course Challenges - gain exclusive access to two interactive challenges, which encourage you and the community of course participants to take action to grow your brand on instagram with a chance to win cash prizes. 
  • Customer Support - ongoing customer service provided by The Maker's Collective.

Meet Kelly Broocks, Owner of Pretty by Her

Kelly is the owner of Pretty by Her, a company specializing in high quality sweet and sassy handmade products. She started her entrepreneurship journey as a side hustler, selling handmade stationery cards on Etsy as a creative outlet. Using Etsy, she was able to grow her brand and small business to the point where her side-hustle was doing so well, she made the decision to quit her full-time job and take Pretty by Her full-time

Within her first year of business full-time, Kelly began using Instagram and social media to promote the business, and naturally saw the opportunity to nurture relationships with her customers.This is when Kelly developed the confidence to infuse her personality and values into every aspect of the company, resulting in the brand that is recognized as Pretty by Her today. Through solidifying her brand, using Instagram as a tool for nurturing relationships and consistently showing up for her audience in authentic ways, Pretty by Her grew exponentially.

With the level up that Kelly experienced growing her brand on Instagram, it also became time to switch from Etsy to Shopify to avoid paying premium prices to attract customers to her page. Kelly realized that the secret weapon to growing her business organically online, was her brand and presence on social media, which was nurturing a fast growing and beloved community... all eager to support Kelly, share her story, and pictures of their purchases from her and how they were making their lives better, one sassy "Fresh Out of Fucks" mug or candle at a time.

Kelly grew her brand, business and social media exponentially, all while running the business by herself, out of her home. Long hours, endless orders and overflowing inboxes, a loving community and a business beyond her wildest dreams... Kelly knew it was time to take Pretty by Her to the next level. 

She invested in a commercial space and hired a team of people to help make ordering from Pretty by Her the best customer experience possible. Pretty by Her is now a thriving 7 figure earning brand and business, allowing Kelly to show up as she is, working with purpose, in integrity with her values, and supported by the most thoughtful and hilarious community. 

Kelly has shared her growth journey so transparently that some of her community members who were following a similar entrepreneurship journey began asking questions. What's Your secret? Do you have any tips? How did you do all this? Is my brand good enough? How can I make more sales? How can I do what you have done? With a busy plate, team to manage and flooded inbox with DMs, Kelly knew it was time to create something with structure and intention that would allow her to share these lessons to her greater community and those looking to learn in a more sustainable and meaningful way.

In Kelly's new course, she steps into the leadership role of business coach and mentor. She will share how to level up and grow your brand and business on Instagram.


Buy your copy of Build Your Brand On Instagram - the highly anticipated course from Kelly Broocks.

It's officially live!  And, if being in community with other people also taking the course, and participating in an AMA-style event live with Kelly is on your wish list, act now, because there are only 50 of those spots available to start!

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