Better is not only is necessary. 

Join one of Canada's leading diversity, equity, and inclusion experts, and a community of folks committed to doing the work, on a journey to learn the basics of how you can create safe, inclusive spaces for both the diverse range of customers within your community, and for your staff.

Your Billboard 

Understand diversity in your area so you can create a social media presence that is inclusive and equitable, while fostering an open community. 

Your Front Door

Learn the simple, actionable tactics you can apply to your virtual and/or real-life storefront to create a safe space for the diverse range of folks within your community. 

Your House

Look inward at you and your team. Transform how you attract and retain talent by leading with your values, auditing your hiring process, and installing Stay Interviews. 

Wondering what to expect from the course? 

We've all heard of exit interviews - but what if there was a way to identify and correct areas within your business that are causing/could cause people to leave BEFORE you lose good employees?

Sign up below to get a  sneak peek of one of the most popular and impactful parts of the course - the Stay Interview. This short clip will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you take DEI 101 with Ren. 


"Her charismatic personality allows her to captivate any audience when discussing provocative topics. She challenges her audience to be introspective and aware of the difficulties our diverse beer community faces and what can be done to encourage NOT acceptance and tolerance — but how to actively promote inclusivity.

- Co-owner, Counterpoint Brewing Co., Kitchener

What Is The Course Experience?


There are now two ways to engage with this course: 

  1. Course Only (On Demand) 

    With this version you get lifetime access to all course videos (there are 5 short videos) where Ren introduces definitions you'll need to engage with the content, and actionable ideas you can start implementing in your business right away to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive space.

  2. Course + Live Sessions

    With this version you get everything from the course only option, plus! You get two live sessions with Ren:

    *An intro meet and greet session where you'll get the chance to meet Ren and anyone else who may have booked the same session as you. This is a great time to introduce yourself, provide Ren with some background on your/your organization's DEI journey so far, and to talk a little bit about the challenges you've been facing and the goals you have while taking the course. 

    *A final coaching session where you'll get the chance to ask any questions that have come up while working through the content. This is your time to really dig in with Ren and your fellow attendees to break down anything you might still be struggling with, barriers you might be facing within your organization in actioning pieces of the course, and to generally listen to and learn from Ren and each other. 

    NOTE: Live sessions are open for you to book based on your schedule, links will be provided in the Welcome section in the learning management system. 



"The course is a fantastic introduction to DEI, with Ren's clear and relatable approach making it easy to learn. You'll be prompted throughout to not only learn the concepts but think hard and honestly about how each can be applied to your own business. It's a wonderful blend of strong theory with individual application, and by the end, you'll look at your own business practices far more critically with the tools to make change for the better.

The Course Is Available!

DEI 101


Enjoy at your own pace for $250

  • Access to all videos and homework to action in your business.
  • No live coaching & accountability sessions with Ren in this package. Can choose to add live sessions for an additional cost - please connect with us to learn more about this option.
Let's Get Started $250

DEI 101

Course + Group Coaching

One Time Payment $750

  • You'll receive links to book your live coaching sessions with Ren after purchase, so you can participate based on a schedule that will work best for you, for added accountability & support
  • All sessions will be recorded, so if you end up not being able to make it live you'll be able to catch the replay.
One Time Payment - $750

DEI 101

Payment Plan

Course & Live Group Coaching 3 monthly payments of $250

  • You'll receive links to book your live coaching sessions with Ren after purchase, so you can participate based on a schedule that will work best for you, for added accountability & support
  • All sessions will be recorded, so if you end up not being able to make it live you'll be able to catch the replay.
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Ren possesses a unique perspective shaped by her life and work experience, combined with a passion for beer. She shares this outlook with an equally singular voice, one that is full of refreshing candor infused with personal truth. Her perspective, delivery and humility make Ren significantly influential in amplifying the conversation of diversity in the beer industry, in a way that can create real change. When it came to finding a speaker to energize the dialogue of inclusion and diversity with our team – there was no better individual than Ren Navarro. Thanks Ren!

- Labatt, Toronto, ON

Meet Ren Navarro,

Owner of Beer. Diversity.

With nearly a decade of experience in the alcohol industry, a passion for encouraging personal and professional growth, and her trademark wit, Ren Navarro is here to educate, enlighten, and engage. 
Since launching Beer. Diversity. in 2018, Ren has become a known name at breweries, wineries, distilleries, and beyond. 
She has given talks on diversity and inclusion at several colleges and countless festivals, panels, radio shows, and podcasts around the world. In addition to being a diversity educator, she is a craft beer consultant for bars and restaurants in Ontario and an educator for countless businesses throughout North America.
Beer. Diversity. is more than just a company that educates, it’s a resource built from the passion and love of the industry to do better and be better. Navarro’s experience in public speaking and history in the drinks world alongside her perspective as a queer Black woman makes her an essential voice in the work and outreach involved in creating a welcoming and diverse environment for beverage producers and imbibers of all backgrounds. Taking steps. Wanting change. Having the desire and the tools to put in the work to be an agent of change. That’s what Beer. Diversity. is about.
Together we can do better. 
Together we can be better.

Work with Ren Navarro to make your organization a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to work. 

This course is a great fit for a wide cross section of business owners (both within the Beer, Liquor & Hospitality Industries, and beyond), along with HR professionals, & team leaders who are in the early stages of their journey to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive environments for both customers and staff alike. 

Let's Go!

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