Manitoba Side Hustles

An online course, community and support network to help you create, launch and grow your side hustle

You don't need entrepreneurial experience or a business degree to build a thriving side hustle.

It requires the right mindsets, resources, systems and accountability structures to take your side hustle from idea to action.

Transform Your Idea, Hobby or Skill into a Business & Grow Your Portfolio of Work

Create New or Multiple Lines of Income & Learn the Art of Selling with Integrity

Learn From Expert Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Grow with the Support of a Side Hustler Community

Take Your Side Hustle from Idea, to Action

There is a grassroots community of side hustlers to support you on your journey to successfully launching your business. It's up to you to take action to make that happen. Today is a great day to take your next step. 

Side Hustle 101: Course Overview

The Movement Begins July 23rd. Download The Side Hustle 101 Course Overview to learn more.

"This experience has really helped me take my Side Hustle from an idea to a full-blown reality. The content is highly practical and well structured making it easy to follow and apply. I also found connecting with a community of Hustlers so helpful for normalizing the mindset blockers that often stall or derail early-stage entrepreneurs."

Florence Grunfelder
Side Hustle 101 participant

"The Side Hustle 101 course has been an excellent program for anyone starting or in the early stages of their business. I have already had some incredible revelations in my business planning and some truly thought provoking sessions. The material is presented so professionally and the facilitator and the team are amazing and so supportive. I would highly recommend this course to any entrepreneurs looking to gain better insight into their business."

Julie Hart
Side Hustle 101 participant

Building an Ecosystem to Support Side Hustlers Across Manitoba.

The Maker's Collective is a grassroots organization that aims to create community & learning opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, makers & side hustlers to flourish in the new world of work. 

We are proud to partner with Red River College to launch the Manitoba Side Hustles initiative and to support side hustlers across Manitoba. Our shared aim to support you to thrive in the new economy of the 21st century by building the skills and mindsets needed to start and grow a side hustle.