Roshan James, Business Consultant & Poet // Two Time Published Canadian Poet

Episode #8

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Roshan, a communications business consultant turned poet, who chose to take space from her corporate work to explore writing and publishing works of poetry to feed her creative soul. This one is really about listening to your intuition, the highs and lows of creating and running a business, and the realization that careers are living, breathing things that ebb and flow. We love this woman and everything she represents, and we’re sure you will too!   Topics covered: Meet Roshan - Business Consultant and Canadian Poet From Corporate Communications To Poet - Not A Straight Line Writing Her First Book - So Many Lessons Doubt, Fear, Questioning - The Pressure Of Pursuing Your Dreams Spirituality and Faith Selfcare Creative Love - Throwing A New Relationship In The Mix Being A Poet In 2018 - Connecting With Readers Across The Globe Poetry Community - Digital Connection How To Find Your Digital Communities Personal Social Media Accounts vs. Business Social Media Accounts How To Start Sharing Your Craft Publishing A Book Second Book - Applying Learnings From First Book Poet - From Creative Side Project To Career Ebb and Flow - Going Back To Corporate Roots What Does 2018 Look Like?  Resources from the episode: Hot Quill Communications - Quill and Curio - Christie Digital - Manulife - Graf-Martin Communications - First Book - This Is My Story, This Is My Song - Second Book - Art of the Unknown - Keto -   Quote: More from Roshan James Roshan James - Instagram - Facebook - More from Maker’s Co: The Maker’s Collective - Instagram - Facebook - Get In Touch & Join The Club - More from Lacey: LJH Creative Consulting- Instagram- More from Laura: LH Style Coaching - Instagram - The Style Report -