Meghan Kendall, Owner of Control Hair // A New Business Model to Empower Entrepreneurs in the Hair & Beauty Industry

Episode #7

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Meg, the fierce, strong, no bull shit owner of Control Hair in Waterloo. Guys, we’re not going to lie here, this is a long one but we honestly had so much fun during the episode that when it came down to it we couldn’t cut any of it. Trust us when we say, though, it’s so worth it. Get ready for big laughs, great advice, a new take on an old industry...and a whole lot of tapping??? Turns out Meg is a pretty passionate hand talker - you’ll see what we mean once you get into it. Enjoy!   Topics covered: Meet Meg & Control Hair Traditional Salons vs Control Hair - A New Business Model The Why Behind Opening Her Own Salon Co-Owning Control With Her Husband Human Connection + Affordable Luxury = Emotional Impact How She Got Into The Industry What The Industry Looks Like For Newbies Traits For Success Customer Service Is #1 - Communication & Managing Expectations Hair Competitions Teaching Color Me By Kevin Murphy Empowerment Hiring Practices Taking ‘Control’ Favourite Failure Love Languages Community No Room for Ego - Building A Culture of Trust Using Social Media As A Portfolio - Free Marketing Resources from the episode: Ontario College of Trades - Contessa Awards - Kevin Murphy - The 5 Love Languages - KW Titans Dance Pak - Disney Bounding - Leslie Kay - Cosplay - Lindsay Coulter - “Forever” - Uncle Jesse - Quote: More from Control Hair Control Hair - Instagram - Facebook - More from Maker’s Co: The Maker’s Collective - Instagram - Facebook - Get In Touch & Join The Club - More from Lacey: LJH Creative Consulting- Instagram- More from Laura: LH Style Coaching - Instagram - The Style Report -