The Side Hustle Starter Kit:

A roadmap to launch your side hustle. 

In this 90-minute online training session, you’ll be introduced to the step-by-step roadmap you need to kickstart your journey with side hustling and a system to manage your time, energy & focus as you grow your portfolio of work through side hustling. You will also hear from a panel of experienced side hustlers about how they started their journey,  navigated mindset blockers like self-doubt, and leveraged digital tools to grow a thriving side hustle. 

Nora - Side Hustle Starter Kit attendee & Side Hustle 101 alumni.

Building a side hustle had been a dream of mine for a while. I took a traditional business planning course, one that talked about cashflow projections & how to get financing - it made being an entrepreneur unapproachable and I was uninspired. The Side Hustle Starter Kit was different. 

It showed me that there was a blueprint to follow to start my side hustle and that going through ups and downs and feeling overwhelmed was okay. I didn't even have a specific idea before I attended the Starter Kit. I left the session inspired, with ideas flowing. I felt ready to start my journey because I knew there was a pathway to follow."

That side hustle you've been dreaming about? There's a pathway for you to bring it to life & a community to help you build the confidence you need to transform your life through side hustling.

Thank you to the 400+ side hustlers who registered for the Side Hustle Starter Kit!! We had great session together on Dec. 9th and are excited to continue to support the Side Hustle community in 2021 with our 6-week Side Hustle 101 course. Go check it out and make 2021 the year of your side hustle!


About The Maker's Collective

The Maker’s Collective, owned by Lacey J Heels, Laura Hart, and Jeff Mitchell, is a community, education provider, & business development hub for creatives, side-hustlers, and entrepreneurs.

What started as a grassroots effort to cultivate a local community for the creative entrepreneur using a podcast, quickly spread garnering a global audience and a fiercely passionate community focused on support and collaboration. The Maker’s Collective has grown to meet the needs of its community through launching events (that sell out in a matter of hours), online courses, and coaching programs.

The Maker’s Collective is a movement dedicated to supporting and educating the next generation of professionals who are ready to transform their life and career through entrepreneurship.

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