OTTAWA!!! Side Hustle 101 is coming your way! 

A 6-week, interactive online course to help you transform your mindset, confidence, and skill sets to start and grow a thriving side hustle. Designed, developed and delivered by The Maker's Collective, this cohort is funded by Invest Ottawa with the assistance of the Government of Canada and is open to side hustlers residing in the Ottawa area.

The journey begins March 4th, 2021.

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Side Hustle 101 was launched by The Maker's Collective and in 2020  and has supported the launch of over 200 side hustles across Canada. We are now proud to bring this version to the Ottawa region through our growing ecosystem of partners! 


Your Idea, Hobby, or Skill into a Business & Grow Your Portfolio of Work


From Experienced Side Hustlers & Guest Expert Coaches, While Connecting with a Network of Likeminded Side Hustlers


New or Multiple Lines of Income & Learn to Manage Your Time & Energy Across Multiple Projects

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"Side Hustle 101 changed my business paradigm within the first training session. I am moving forward in a more effective manner with much more confidence. As a side hustler I was always concerned that I was under pricing my products and through the course I have learned how to conduct Customer Discoveries to get a feel for what the customer is looking for and if I am on the right track along with how to test price.

Best course I have taken in 30 years."

Paul Marcotte
Side Hustle 101 Alumni

The Side Hustle 101 Experience

  • A 6 week online course (Mar. 4th. - April 8th) that provides the roadmap you need to launch your side hustle, the tactics & strategies to better manage your time, energy & focus as you grow your side hustle, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to support navigating the mindset blockers that often slow down the side hustle journey. 
  • You’ll attend 6 LIVE online training sessions (1/week, 2 hrs each, 7-9p EST, via zoom) to learn the systems, skills & mindsets you need to launch your thriving side hustle. These online sessions will also feature guest expert coaches to provide deeper insights & diverse perspectives into the best practices for growing your side hustle. We'll focus specifically on best practices for growing your side hustle online by using a range of digital tools to attract, educate and convert new customers. 

  • You’ll also have the opportunity to attend a weekly drop-in office hour session (90 minutes), where you can get personalized support to help you take action to bring your side hustle idea to life. 

"Anyone interested in exploring the Side Hustle world would be well served taking this course. I got so much more than I bargained training, a comprehensive toolkit complete with useful templates, coaches with real world experience and the added bonus of a peer community to bounce ideas off and share setbacks and successes, And, if SH101 practices what they preach, the offering will only get better!"

Connie Morrow
Side Hustle 101 Alumni

Meet Your Instructor 

Jeff is a former English & ESL teacher. He left the traditional workplace of the past in 2012 in pursuit of more autonomy, meaning & money through side hustling. He spent the first 2.5 years of that journey doing pretty much nothing but failing. Making mistakes. Falling down. Trying to get back up. He had a romanticized view of what entrepreneurship was all about - the realities of getting started were a serious test of humility, grit & adaptability. He learned that those are the prerequisites to taking your side hustle from idea to launch. It’s those human skills that will get you through the inevitable early challenges of starting & growing a side hustle. 

Today, Jeff is pursuing those currencies that matter most to him through a portfolio approach to his professional life. He is growing an adaptable portfolio of work through side hustling that currently includes coaching, consulting & training through his sole proprietorship, being a partner and head of training with the Digital Trades School, and leading Side Hustle Courses & Partnerships with The Maker’s Collective. 

What lights him up more than anything is working with grassroots entrepreneurs who want to transform their pathway to flourishing through learning & entrepreneurship. Jeff believes that growing a portfolio of work through side hustling is your way to take more control of your life, your way to find more autonomy, meaning, & money, and your way to defend against the uncertainty that surrounds the workplace of today.

Meet Some Of Your Fellow Side Hustlers

Read What They Have To Say About Their Experience In Side Hustle 101

Justin Barrow - Photosynthesis 

Meet Justin Barrow, Owner of @photosynthesis_pb a business aimed at educating those interested in plant based living including guided lessons by Justin, who is a trained chef.

Before SH101 Justin:

  • Was looking for a project/something to do that was tied to his passion
  • Lacked the accountability he desired
  • Didn’t know where to start
  • Didn’t know what he wanted from the course

After SH101 Justin Walked Away With:

  • New guiding principles for growth and success
  • Found support and belonging within the SH community, which he shared didn’t end after the course
  • Be vulnerable, learned that it’s ok to fail
  • Customer discovery played a big role
  • Started putting himself out there on IG
  • Confidence & self-discovery
  • Gained a road map
  • Launched his online cooking lessons!

Meg Jacklyn - Copper and Gold

Meet Meg Jackyln, Owner of @copperandgoldproject a passion project turned business, Meg is a master thifter and DIY queen, finding lifestyle designs for the home and bringing them to life for her customers!

Before SH101 Meg:

  • Had a good concept for her business, but felt like there were still a lot of unknowns
  • Would have never called herself an entrepreneur
  • Was keen to expand and learn new skills to bring her business to life

After SH101 Meg walked away:

  • Feeling confident calling herself an entrepreneur!
  • Learned how to test ideas and do research to set herself up for success
  • Felt much more resilient
  • Learned how to be more accountable by learning to build a routine and mechanisms to do the work.
  • Launched the Copper and Gold Project marketplace and hasn't looked back since!


Meet Nora, a diversity and equity training expert at Red River College, working to build a platform for elders to navigate travelling post covid-19.

Before SH101 Nora:

  • Hadn’t started yet
  • Felt that side hustling was a dream
  • Had many ideas, but felt like she had no idea where to start
  • Had no desire to leave full time job - thought it was all or nothing (either full time job or full time entrepreneur)
  • Took a business planning course and found it overwhelming, uninspiring and still felt like she knew nothing about business

After SH101 Nora walked away:

  • A new perspective, and reframing of how to shift her lifestyle to make work fulfilling for her
  • Knowing it is possible to start a business and that it’s ok to have ups and downs
  • With a new area of expertise and new tool kit to apply to her business/work
  • A new sense of independence, loving that her business isn’t anchored to another organization, it’s her own
  • A strong sense of community from the program
  • Positive impacts on her full time job and her life from taking the program

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a well organized and supportive platform to launch and grow a successful business. The coaches and instructors were well experienced and very helpful each step of the way!"

Rebekah Jayd
Side Hustle 101 Alumni

Side Hustle 101