A 12 Week Online Course to Bring Your Side Hustle to Life

Do you have a great idea for your side hustle, but don't know where to start? Shifting from idea to action can feel overwhelming - we've walked that walk and we've shared those feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Through experience, we have developed the structure, support & systems you need to create a clear pathway to bring your side hustle to life.

Mindsets and Systems to Guide Your Progress

Learn to see the early days of your side hustle as a series of tests. Learn to manage and navigate feeling like an imposter. Create systems to manage your time and focus as you build your portfolio of work. 

Tools to Accelerate Your Growth

Learn to leverage the tools needed to do business online. Identify the right social channels to reach your customer and learn to leverage social media to run tests to better connect with your audience. Build an understanding of how to use email marketing tools like Mail Chimp and the range of e-commerce options that are available for your side hustle.  

Expert Coaches to Show You the Way

Throughout the course, you will get an inside look at how experienced side hustlers have found flourishing. You'll hear from a range of experts and experienced side hustlers who will share deeper insights into the skills, mindsets, systems & tools you'll need to thrive.

Space is Limited!

"So far this course has been INVALUABLE. Having a tried and tested structure to follow, along with guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur has made starting a side hustle a lot more manageable. I feel confident that I have the tools to succeed and would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting a business while they continue to work full-time or part-time."

Iwona Tatarkiewicz
Side Hustle 101 participant

"I sat on my business idea for over a year, spending time taking online webinars and reading startup books, but never felt confident enough to start. In Side Hustle 101, Jeff effortlessly unpacks the toughest aspects of starting a side hustle, then walks you through every step of the process to test and validate your assumptions so you can take action. The program has given me the confidence and tools not only to launch my startup, but connect with my customers in a meaningful way so that I can provide true value. I would highly recommend Side Hustle 101 for anyone struggling to start or grow their side hustle. You will not be disappointed! "

Jessica Eldred
Side Hustler, Wolfpack Skate Co, Side Hustle 101 participant

"The early stages of the course focused heavily on mind-set and energy/time management. I now realize that those were the biggest stumbling blocks to my progress as a side-hustler. The course provides strategies for dealing with foundational issues and an action plan to provide the confidence and focus for forward momentum."

Ashley Miller
Side Hustle 101 participant

Building a Portfolio of Work through Side Hustling is your pathway to thriving in the new economy

It's no secret that we live in a time of change and uncertainty. Building a portfolio of work and multiple streams of income is your pathway to defend against that uncertainty, while opening up an opportunity to engage in purpose driven work that grows your autonomy. 

You have the power to carve your own pathway to thriving in this new economy by starting and growing your side hustle. We would love to help you to kickstart that journey. 

Side Hustle 101 Info Session - September 2nd!!!

Wondering if Side Hustle 101 is the right fit for you? Join the SH101 Info Session via Zoom on Wednesday, September 2nd (7-7:30p) to learn more about the course and if you attend the session you'll receive a 10% discount code!!!

Join the Movement of Grassroots Side Hustlers Who Are Re-Shaping their Lives by Growing Adaptable Portfolios of Work through Side Hustling.

Registration is now open and space is limited. Early-bird pricing is available until Sunday, August 23rd. We have 50 spots available at the early-bird rate. The course begins on Tuesday, Sept. 8th via Zoom (7-9p EST). Are you ready to take your side hustle to the next level? Let's go!!!

Your Investment


 12 live online training sessions (1 session per week, Tuesdays 7-9p EST). 

Access to online training session recordings to support self-directed learning.

Side Hustle 101 workbook & templates to support applying learnings to grow your business.

24 total hours of instruction + access to a community of side hustlers &  expert coaches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, Sept. 8th

7:00 - 9:00pm (EST) via Zoom. 

The course runs for 12 weeks, from Sept. 8th - Nov. 24th. 

Beginning Sept. 8th, all course sessions will happen live via Zoom on Tuesday evenings between 7-9p (EST).

During the 12 week course, weekly sessions will alternate between live online training sessions (weeks 1,3,5,7,9,11), and live online open coaching sessions (2,4,6,8,10,12). 

Online training sessions are presentations that introduce the key principles, skills, mindsets & systems to the course participants, and provide an initial opportunity to ask questions & engage with the program experts. The online training sessions, delivered via Zoom, will provide an introduction to key ideas, examples to bring them to life, and clarity around how they can be applied within the context of growing your business. Q & A opportunities will be woven in through the training sessions. Online training sessions run bi-weekly for 2 hours (7-9p).

Online open coaching sessions will be hosted by the program leader & guest expert(s). They will serve as an open forum for course participants to ask questions & engage directly with the expert(s). Prior to the online open coaching sessions, participants will submit key questions for the expert. These questions will be curated and prioritized and will be used as the starting spot for the Q & A, which will also include the opportunity to ask questions live. Some online open coaching sessions will provide an expert-led behind the scenes look at specific tools introduced in the course. Online open coaching sessions run bi-weekly for 2 hours (7-9p).

No! This course is designed to be flexible and to fit your schedule and needs. If you are not able to attend the live online training sessions, you will be able to access the recordings to review the material. Similarly, if you are not able to attend the online open coaching sessions, we'll provide recordings of those as well. 

We use Zoom for all online training sessions & online open coaching sessions. A part from that, after you register you will gain access to the makers collective online learning platform, where you will be able to access all course materials. 

Payment in full is due upon registering for the program. 

Early-bird pricing is available until August 23rd.

We have a 15 day refund policy. Within 15 days of the course kickoff you are eligible for a refund. 


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