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""Side Hustle 101 is great for many reasons. It is an approachable and applicable course for anyone looking to build a side business from the ground up. I think it can also be utilized as a fresh perspective on an already existing plan or venture. Side Hustle 101 sets a firm tone of guidance and accountability in order to create both personal and professional insight, education and support. I love the rhythm in routine of weekly chats as a class via Zoom. As students, we experience the teaching community as a whole. We have access to the online documents for ourselves, recorded video sessions and the ability to connect with other students. This lends itself to new friends and network opportunities! This course has been well worth the investment and journey! 10/10 would recommend!""

Justin Wallis Barrow, Side Hustle 101 participant
Side Hustle 101 participant

"I sat on my business idea for over a year, spending time taking online webinars and reading startup books, but never felt confident enough to start. In Side Hustle 101, Jeff effortlessly unpacks the toughest aspects of starting a side hustle, then walks you through every step of the process to test and validate your assumptions so you can take action. The program has given me the confidence and tools not only to launch my startup, but connect with my customers in a meaningful way so that I can provide true value. I would highly recommend Side Hustle 101 for anyone struggling to start or grow their side hustle. You will not be disappointed! "

Jessica Eldred
Side Hustler, Wolfpack Skate Co, Side Hustle 101 participant

"The early stages of the course focused heavily on mind-set and energy/time management. I now realize that those were the biggest stumbling blocks to my progress as a side-hustler. The course provides strategies for dealing with foundational issues and an action plan to provide the confidence and focus for forward momentum."

Ashley Miller
Side Hustle 101 participant

Building a Portfolio of Work through Side Hustling is your pathway to thriving in the new economy

It's no secret that we live in a time of change and uncertainty. Building a portfolio of work and multiple streams of income is your pathway to defend against that uncertainty, while opening up an opportunity to engage in purpose driven work that grows your autonomy. 

You have the power to carve your own pathway to thriving in this new economy by starting and growing your side hustle. We would love to help you to kickstart that journey. 




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