The Maker's Collective



Based out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, The Maker’s Collective is an online business community and education network that supports Digital Nomads and Side Hustlers to work and live differently.


 Trusted Education Providers and Canadian Leaders in Digital Nomad + Side Hustle Programming 

We work with an ecosystem of world class partners across Canada to stimulate economic development through entrepreneurship training and talent attraction programming. Plus, we help people to thrive in this age of  individual empowerment by helping thousands of Canadians to  to transform their lives through side hustle and digital nomad programming. 

You can see us live in the Spring of 2024 as we'll delivering workshops in Winnipeg and Vancouver as partners with the Start-Up Canada cross-country tour!


 Welcome to the New World of Work 

The world is changing, and so too should our approach to how we design our careers and our lives. The old school ways of business and their systems are crumbling, and we are building and sharing how to thrive in the new world of work.


Start your journey working and living differently