SH101 On Demand

A Roadmap to More Freedom, More Money, and More Meaningful Work, Outside of the 9 to 5. 

Join a community of 400+ creative entrepreneurs who have followed the  Side Hustle 101 System to transform their ideas, skills, and hobbies into new lines of income.


Beckie Chalmers (Side Hustle 101 On Demand Alumni)

"As a busy business owner already, I have learnt to use the small breaks between clients more effectively and how to prioritize tasks and projects. It is important to have things in place that make the day to day operations run more smoothly, and a good work/life balance is important to avoid burnout and to help you keep your passion for your business.

The support from everyone as I work though the course has been amazing, the course has been life changing."

The Side Hustle 101 Community

  • Connect with other creative entrepreneurs! Find other photographers, videographers, makers, course creators, etc. and grow your support system.
  • Access LIVE monthly guest expert coaching sessions.
  • Join LIVE weekly planning sessions to find your focus, identify your top priorities and stay accountable!
  • Attend LIVE weekly Office Hour Coaching sessions to get 1-1 support on your entrepreneurial journey. 

The Side Hustle 101 Playbook

  • 75 page step-by-step guide, which will help you take action to bring your side hustle to life.
  • Templates and examples to support you with things like defining your target customer and defining your top priorities. 

The Side Hustle 101 Course

  • 12 x video lessons introducing the Side Hustle 101 System. 
  • Learn how to manage your energy and focus so you have the space you need to grow your side hustle. 
  • AND, learn the steps to take to progress from idea to thriving side hustle.
  • Hear a range of stories and examples from your Side Hustle 101 course leader, Jeff Mitchell, which demonstrate how to grow a portfolio of work with multiple lines of revenue. 

Kathryn Boyd

"Since taking the course I have sold 33 paintings, 5 corporate illustrations and 1 logo design. Bringing in a revenue of over $5,000. I wouldn't have even imagined this type of increase in only 2 months! TWO MONTHS!!!" 

Side Hustle Community


*Free 30 day trial. After trial, regular price of $25/month applies.

  • LIVE weekly office hour coaching sessions & planning sessions.
  • LIVE monthly panel discussion with experienced side hustlers. 
  • Access to a closed network where you can connect with other side hustlers.

The Play Book + Community


Playbook + 30 Day Trial. After trial, regular price of $25/month applies.

  • Access to the Side Hustle 101 Playbook: a 75 page playbook with templates to support you in applying the learnings from the video lessons to grow your business.
  • 30 day free trial to our Side Hustle Community.

Side Hustle 101 On Demand


Course + Playbook + 30 Day Trial (Most Popular)

  • Lifetime access to all 12 video lessons (roughly 3 hours of content), which will allow you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule.
  • Plus the playbook
  • And a 30 day free trial to our Side Hustle Community.

The Whole Shebang


1 Year Community Subscription + Course + Playbook

  • A one year subscription to the Side Hustle Community at a reduced rate (11 months for the price of 10 - the first month will still be a free trial).
  • Lifetime access to the full Side Hustle 101 On Demand course.
  • The playbook.

Want More Side Hustle Content In Your Life? 

If you're still not sure if Side Hustle 101 and the Side Hustle Community are for you, we have a lot of other great (FREE!) content for you to check out.

Mini Lessons

Get a taste of what Side Hustle 101 has to offer by checking out these Mini Lessons, which introduce some key elements of the Side Hustle 101 System. 



We have some strong opinions about side hustling and the need for drastic changes in the workplace. Learn more about The Death of the 9 to 5, Why Side Hustling is here to stay, and more! 



In 2018, The Maker's Collective was a Side Hustle that focused on producing a Podcast to highlight the stories of inspiring creative entrepreneurs. There are 100 episodes to explore to learn more about us and our community!


Panel Events

At the end of every month, we host LIVE online Panel Discussions featuring guest expert side hustlers. Checkout upcoming opportunities to connect with our community, grow your network, and learn valuable tips from our guest experts. 


A Partnership to Empower Creators, Makers, Artists, & All Creative Entrepreneurs to Thrive in the New World of Work. 

The Maker's Collective and The Canon Creator Lab have collaborated to support multi-passionate creatives to take control of their future by learning to transform creativity, skills, and ideas, into meaningful lines of income through side hustling. In 2022, everyone can be a side hustler. Side Hustle 101 is the blueprint and the community you need to make your side hustle dream a reality.