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What is the First Step on the Side Hustle journey? 

Download Side Hustle 101 Mini Lesson #1 to learn about the first step you should take to start your new side hustle, or to grow a new line of revenue within your existing business! 

In addition to the 10 minute video lesson, you will access the corresponding section of the SH101 Workbook, so you can get a taste of the On Demand experience that you will get when you purchase the course!

We have built the roadmap, system, & community that 400+ side hustlers have used to transform ideas, skills, and hobbies into new lines of income. 

The Maker's Collective & the Canon Creator Lab are proud to support creative entrepreneurs with Side Hustle 101 On Demand! This is the course for early-stage and aspiring side hustlers who are looking to make a meaningful transformation through entrepreneurship. Whether you are newly retired & looking to turn your hobby into a new line of income, a recent graduate looking to explore entrepreneurship and create more autonomy, or a mid-career professional in search of meaningful work and an opportunity to make a change in your career, this course will give you the systems, mindsets, and skills you need to accelerate your side hustle journey.

We will help you to identify the right side hustle for you, create the space you need to bring you side hustle to life, and provide you with the step-by-step process you need to make your side hustle dream a reality. Are you ready to bring your side hustle to life?

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The Side Hustle Series

Interested in connecting with the Side Hustle 101 community and learning from some experienced side hustlers? Every month, Side Hustle 101 On Demand participants come together to learn from a panel of incredible entrepreneurs who share their #sidehustlestories, how they've grown their respective businesses to where they are today, and answer your questions about starting and growing your business through a live Ask Me Anything segment.

The best part? 

This month we are offering this session for FREE to all early-stage & aspiring side hustlers! This session will be recorded and shared with anyone who registers, so even if you can't join live feel free to register and catch the replay. 

Date: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022
Time: 7:30-9:00 pm EST

Side Hustle 101 On Demand - Registration is Now Open!


  • Includes lifetime access to all 4 modules, totalling 12 video lessons (roughly 3 hours of content), which will allow you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule. 
  • You'll get access to the Side Hustle 101 workbook: a 75 page playbook with templates to support you in applying the learnings from the video lessons to grow your business.
  • You'll get access to the Side Hustle 101 Online Community for 30 days.  
  • The SH101 On Demand community will feature LIVE weekly office hour coaching sessions, LIVE weekly planning sessions, and a LIVE monthly panel discussion with experienced side hustlers. You'll also have access to fellow community members taking the course, alumni from past versions of the live course, and much more.

The Side Hustle 101 Community:  this is our online space, which is exclusively for current and former side hustle 101 participants. It is where we come together to ask questions about the course, share progress, and build your network. It's a place where we support one another in working on mindsets, growing with intention, and continuing to learn at every stage of your side hustle journey. After your initial 30 days, you'll have the opportunity to continue to subscribe to the community to receive ongoing support on your side hustle journey. You choose when to start your initial 30 day community membership after you register (e.g. you can start right away, or you can wait until you have watched all of the on demand videos before starting the 30 days). 


The Side Hustle System

Install our Side Hustle System, which re-imagines how you spend your time, manage your energy, and find your focus as you grow your portfolio of income through side hustling. 

The First Test: Market Awareness

Learn to identify the ideal niche customer for your side hustle and conduct market research to collect evidence about that segment so you can launch your offer to the right audience. 

The Second Test: Your Side Hustle Model

Learn how to define & quickly test the side hustle model you'll build to bring your business to life. Understand key ideas like how to price your offer and  how to grow your business online. 

The Third Test: Launching Your Minimum Viable Offer

Speed to market is the key to success. Learn to define and launch the smallest, most efficient version of your side hustle so you can start to generate revenue while being cash flow positive from day 1. 

SH101 Alumni Success Story: Kathryn Boyd

It has been a remarkable experience since I started the Side Hustle 101 Course in November 2021. I thought I'd walk away with a few tips and be able to apply to my business, which, yes I did, however what I walked away with was in a way, a new channel within my brain - you know those grooves they say become more developed with when sticking to a practice. Well, in a way, Side Hustle 101 created those grooves. Groovy right? 

This course granted me permission. To walk my walk. To speak the truth to who I was. It gave me a framework to help organize and own what I already knew about myself. I walked away being able to stand more confidently in the title "Artist" and that my way of being artistic was great - I didn't need to compare myself to others - I was able to identify that my unique offering was indeed something that was needed and had its people. 
Since taking the course I have sold 33 paintings, 5 corporate illustrations and 1 logo design. Bringing in a revenue of over $5,000. I wouldn't have even imagined this type of increase in only 2 months! TWO MONTHS!!! 
I still have so much work to do, but everyday I keep moving forward. And I don't get lost in a finite achievement - I see this as a movement that will morph throughout my life. Much like fitness, I choose to do it everyday. I allow for little goals and don't get too worried about the end game. I keep checking in. My daily/weekly/monthly rituals look a little different than what was shared in the course, but it works, so far. I refer to the notes of the course when I need to and know that I can reach out at any time. 
Thank you Jeff, Laura and team for providing the world with this course and showing others that they too can walk a truer path to who they are.
- Side Hustle 101 Alumni 2021
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A Partnership to Empower Creators, Makers, Artists, & All Creative Entrepreneurs to Thrive in the New World of Work. 

The Maker's Collective and The Canon Creator Lab have collaborated to support multi-passionate creatives to take control of their future by learning to transform creativity, skills, and ideas, into meaningful lines of income through side hustling. In 2022, everyone can be a side hustler. Side Hustle 101 is the blueprint and the community you need to make your side hustle dream a reality.

Meet Your Instructor

In a past life, Jeff was a high school English & ESL teacher. He left the traditional workplace of the past in 2012 looking for more autonomy, meaning & money through entrepreneurship. He spent the first 2.5 years of that journey doing pretty much nothing but failing. Making mistakes. Falling down. Trying to get back up. Holding space in Side Hustle 101 to acknowledge and normalize these realities of side hustling is where the course begins. 

Today, Jeff is pursuing the currencies that matter most to him through a portfolio approach to his professional life. He is growing an adaptable portfolio of work through side hustling that currently includes:

  • Leading side hustle programming and building partnerships with The Maker's Collective. 
  • Running a freelance business working with large organizations, and post-secondary institutions, to create and launch new courses and educational products.
  • Delivering training & coaching to small business owners through a range of nonprofit organizations.  

What lights him up more than anything is leading Side Hustle 101 to support  grassroots creators, makers, artists and other creative entrepreneurs who want to walk their own walk. We live in a time of individual empowerment and Jeff believes that building a portfolio of work through side hustling is the key to re-designing your life and creating your future. 

Side Hustle 101 has helped to launch over 400 Side Hustles!

Are you ready to set yourself up for an entrepreneurial journey in 2022? You know that business idea you have been kicking around for months, or maybe years? There will never be a better day than today to take action to bring that idea to life.

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