SH101 On Demand

Imagine having an extra $1K coming in monthly?

In this economic reality, creating additional income streams through side hustling is not just smart, it is essential.


Why Bring Your Side Hustle To Life?

Recessions, job uncertainty and money stress have become a reality for so many people across the world. Creating a side hustle now more than ever is an effective and empowering vehicle to take control of your life, to make extra money and to do the work that means the most to you.

It can be scary and overwhelming when just getting started with a side hustle, which is why we’ve created a step-by-step course that will show you how. With the Side Hustle 101 On Demand course, you’ll also gain access to expert mentors, and a community of 400+ graduates all over the world that have already taken the course. If you’re ready to make a big change to your life by transforming your ideas, skills or hobbies into a side business, you are in the right place.


David Weber 

“Side Hustle 101 was the best bang-for-buck education that I have ever received. I am almost a year into growing my side-hustle into a real business and I think about the lessons I learned regularly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting a business”

What Will You Get After

Taking The Course?

  • More money coming in every month – our graduates have made up to $500 - 5k extra a month from their side hustle.
  • A foolproof and strong foundation for your new business to grow and scale sustainably (through any recessions).
  • A new community of like-minded peers, mentors and coaches that understand the journey you are on and are able to support you as you grow.
  • A new found confidence and self trust in your ability to make money, grow a successful business and create meaningful change in your life.
  • Opportunities to be recognized as an expert and mentor within the side hustle membership community. Become a guest expert or educator in our community.

Valerie Stevenson 

"With my existing side hustle business plateauing and feeling disconnected from it, the Side Hustle 101 Program has provided me with the tools and coaching I needed to reconnect with my passion and customer's needs, enabling me to re-frame and re-launch my business with new energy and focus - already seeing the benefits!

I love the concept of side hustling and plan to use the program framework to start new side hustle opportunities in consulting and selling my art. The program is invaluable, from its workbook approaches, mindset guidance, one-on-one coaching, wholistic view, and group accountability.

I highly recommend taking this course if you are considering starting a side hustle to ensure you are setting yourself up for success!"

Wondering If This Course & Experience Are Right For You?

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Video Course Only

  • 12 short video lessons across 4 modules.
  • Lifetime access to video content.
  • 75 page playbook with templates and examples to support you in bringing your side hustle to life.
  • Completely self-led and available to you whenever you have the time and space.
  • Bring any side hustle idea to life with this content. 
  • 7 day money back guarantee!

Kathryn Boyd

"Since taking the course I have sold 33 paintings, 5 corporate illustrations and 1 logo design. Bringing in a revenue of over $5,000. I wouldn't have even imagined this type of increase in only 2 months! TWO MONTHS!!!" 

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Get a Sneak Peek of the Course!

Get a taste of what Side Hustle 101 has to offer by checking out these Mini Lessons, which introduce some key elements of the Side Hustle 101 System. 


Expert Interviews, How-Tos & Entrepreneur Real Talk on our Podcast

In 2018, The Maker's Collective was a Side Hustle that focused on producing a Podcast to highlight the stories of inspiring creative entrepreneurs. There are 100 episodes to explore to learn more about us and our community!


Extra, Extra... Read All About It!

We have some strong opinions about side hustling and the need for drastic changes in the workplace. Learn more about The Death of the 9 to 5, Why Side Hustling is here to stay, and more! 


Wayne Scott

"I took the SideHustle 101 course because I'd had many business ideas over the years that I didn't  pursue because I didn't know what I was doing, and frankly, I was afraid of failing.

SH101 showed me that everyone struggles and is afraid when starting a business, but with a coach and a framework, things are much easier, and those pitfalls you're afraid of can be avoided altogether.

SH101 walks you through key steps to start your business, like:
- Development of your idea
- Understanding your customer

- Pricing your offer
- Going to market with your first launch.

Without SH101 putting all of those pieces of the puzzle together for me, I wouldn't have started my Side Hustle and I wouldn't be bringing my idea to life right now.

A Partnership to Empower Creators, Makers, Artists, & All Creative Entrepreneurs to Thrive in the New World of Work. 

The Maker's Collective and The Canon Creator Lab have collaborated to support multi-passionate creatives to take control of their future by learning to transform creativity, skills, and ideas, into meaningful lines of income through side hustling. In 2022, everyone can be a side hustler. Side Hustle 101 is the blueprint and the community you need to make your side hustle dream a reality.