The Maker's Collective

The Maker’s Collective is an online business community and education network for fellow entrepreneurs and side-hustlers to ignite their passion, create their dream life and level up in business.

Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers & Creators

Whether you are just getting started turning a passion/skill into a side-hustle, growing your portfolio as a freelancer, or growing and scaling your business, we are your trusted resource and support network to help you:

  • Figure your shit out
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs on a similar path
  • Learn from inspiring experts, coaches and mentors just a few steps ahead of you
  • Increase your income and impact in the new world of work

Our Mission

Our mission is to make this world a better place through individual and collective empowerment. By supporting our community of entrepreneurs with the resources, supports, and education to take the driver's seat of their life, and make the option or choice to take this path more accessible.

Our Values

The world is changing, and so too should our approach to our career and entrepreneurship. The old school ways of business and their systems are crumbling, and we are building and sharing how to thrive in the new world of work.

In this community, we value inclusivity, transparency, accessibility, diversity, empowerment, connection and creativity. If you aren't about these values or uphold them, we are not for you.

The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

(AKA - The Co-Owners)
Lacey J Heels
Founder & Community Leader

Brand Guardian, Energy Bringer, Educator, Mindset and Business Coach

AKA - the one that shares stories and gets you to believe in yourself ;)

Laura Hart
Operations Human

AKA - the one that keeps these two in line. My super powers include kick ass customer service, building backend systems, and planning shit.

Jeff Mitchell

Course Creator, Learning Experience Provider, Partnership & Ecosystem Developer. Wayfinder.

AKA - the one who turns expertise & experience into income, and helps you to grow an adaptable Portfolio of Work. 


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