Love Letter: To Our Community

Aug 10, 2022

It’s been a radical time for our community — we’ve been through a lot. 

Loss, transition, pivots, questions about what to do and where to go next. 

  • Money has been a stressor.
  • Inspiration has been lacking.
  • Connection to community waning.

And now, as we start to open our world back up, a lot of us are expected to “go back to business, work and our lives” as they were… 

And even if the job, the tasks and the environment is seemingly fine or the same … we aren’t. 

We’ve changed. We are hungry. 

Maybe we are hungry for a change, wanting something different for our life & work.

Maybe we are hungry for extra cushion, income & certainty that is harder to come by right now.

Maybe we are hungry to FEEL something like excitement, inspiration, challenged in new ways, like we have something hopeful to look forward to and work toward.

Maybe you are hungry for an extra 1k in your bank account month over month. 

How could your current situation be different if you direct your hunger at something that creates a fire within you, that gets you excited and feeling ALIVE again? 

We understand what it feels like. The summer has been full of ups and downs, wins and new challenges as we grow and visualize what’s next for our business and our community. 

WE ARE HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, we are ready to take action and we want you to know you are not alone if you are yearning for a shift in energy and a change. We are so excited to share a new way for us to connect, build, grow, learn and make money together…it’s time you feel that spark within again and we’ve got just the pathway and outlet for you to bring to life the changes that you desire. 

Stay tuned…more to come next week.

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