Amit Mehta, City Lead For Sofar Sounds Waterloo// Bringing A Global Movement To This Region, What It’s Like Running A Completely Volunteer Organization, And The Challenges Of Marketing Secret Events

Episode #17

We’ve rebranded!

This podcast used to be called ‘The Maker’s Collective Podcast’ and is now called ‘The Work Different, Live Different Podcast by The Maker’s Collective’. You’ll notice that we’ve updated the look and feel along with the name, which will appear across all of our episodes, old and new.

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Amit, the incredible talent behind Sofar Sounds Waterloo. Sofar Sounds is a series of secret shows that put the artist and their story at the forefront of a once-in-a-lifetime live show experience. It’s a global movement that’s picking up momentum and we’re lucky to have Amit and his team of volunteers working tirelessly to bring these shows to life here in our own backyard. Listen up and then go apply to be part of the next Sofar Sounds Waterloo show!

  • Topics covered: Meet Amit & Sofar Sounds - the history of a global movement & how he got involved
  • Bringing the movement to Kitchener - finding the right people
  • Process for finding artists for shows
  • Amit’s non-traditional path
  • Why Kitchener-Waterloo?
  • What Sofar Sounds has brought to this community
  • How Sofar Sounds works
  • Relationships with venues/hosts
  • Why Sofar Sounds works
  • Marketing a secret event - word of mouth and building relationships
  • Books & Nooks - collaboration with the City of Kitchener
  • Lacey’s experience having gone to two shows
  • What the rest of 2018 looks like - figuring out how to be more sustainable
  • Donations please!
  • Best practices if you can’t make a show
  • Why Sofar Sounds Waterloo will never be a business, but how they’ll work around that

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