Sarah Kernohan, Professional Visual Artist // Finding Her Calling as a Visual Artist, Submitting Work to Shows & ALL the Advice for Budding Artists

Episode #13

We’ve rebranded!

This podcast used to be called ‘The Maker’s Collective Podcast’ and is now called ‘The Work Different, Live Different Podcast by The Maker’s Collective’. You’ll notice that we’ve updated the look and feel along with the name, which will appear across all of our episodes, old and new.

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Sarah, a professional visual artist. ATTENTION all aspiring artists - this is your episode! Sarah is a wealth of knowledge around all things art, including really understanding your work and where it fits, what goes into a submission, how to “network” in the world of art, and much, much more. We’re excited to bring you this episode, it was a treat to chat with Sarah and the discussion was a true treat for both of us (but especially Lace!) We really hope you enjoy!

Topics covered:

  • Meet Sarah - her journey to becoming a professional visual artist
  • Working abroad & how travel influenced her work
  • Choosing to settle in Kitchener
  • Coming from a family of creatives
  • Perspective & a fresh start after healing from vision problems
  • Learning to see, and create art, again
  • Advice for artists - know where your work fits
  • What goes into a submission?
  • Apply, apply, apply! - networking in the art world
  • Artist funding - get comfortable talking and writing about your work
  • Artist compensation - working for exposure vs. being paid to show
  • Promotion - digital and email marketing
  • Website as a calling card - what’s important to include?
  • Fraudulent sales - how to protect yourself
  • Pricing your work
  • What’s coming up in 2018

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