Stephanie Boutari, Mural Artist & Designer // Being Paid to Make Art in Public Spaces

Episode #6

We’ve rebranded!

This podcast used to be called ‘The Maker’s Collective Podcast’ and is now called ‘The Work Different, Live Different Podcast by The Maker’s Collective’. You’ll notice that we’ve updated the look and feel along with the name, which will appear across all of our episodes, old and new.

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Steph Boutari, the woman behind some of the best and most badass murals at some of our favourite downtown Kitchener spots. You may not know who she is, but if you live in Kitchener or have visited recently, chances are you’ve seen her work and now you’re going to get the chance to hear more on how she got into murals, what it’s like creating art for public & private commercial spaces, and much, much more.  

Topics covered:

  • Meet Stephanie
  • Becoming a Professional Artist
  • Freedom to Create - Working With Clients
  • Process
  • Making Connections Through Social Media
  • Behind the Scenes - How People Buy Art
  • Learning Curves
  • Logistics of Creating Murals + Overcoming Fears
  • Getting in the Zone
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Being Flexible + Pushing Through Creative Block
  • Insecurities & Combating Them
  • Art in Public Spaces
  • Advice
  • What’s next in 2018

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