We're baaaaa-aaaack!

Season #1 Episode #101

We're baaaack!

After a two-year hiatus, we're dusting off the mics, and diving headfirst into a brand new season of our re-booted podcast, The Work Different, Live Different Podcast by The Maker’s Collective. It's been a wild ride since we last recorded, and in this episode, we're sharing our peaks and pits of the past two years.

We get personal, y'all. We're talking successes, failures, growth, love, and all the messy stuff that comes with being a business owner and a human. But don't worry, we're also dishing about the funny habits we picked up during the pandemic, and the new loves of our lives…our cats

So, grab a glass of wine (or whatever beverage you prefer), settle in, and join us as we catch up and dive back into the podcasting world.

We're happy to be back, and we can't wait to share this season with you.


Hosts: Lacey J Heels, Laura Hart & Jeff Mitchell

Editing & Production: Francy Goudreault